Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Double or Muffin - Available NOW!


Double or Muffin

Out NOW!

It's out, and if you pre-ordered it, the book landed on your device in the night... I'm so anxious to hear what you all think. I loved writing the book, and had so much fun... even the research was fun! (Think... cat videos fun!)

So... if you haven't already done it, go to my webpage and sign up for my newsletter. That's the only way you'll get the recipes from the book! My publisher and I made the choice to do it that way, and I hope it's not a disappointment, but it will allow me to include more about the recipe AND photos of the finished product, so... it seemed like a win/win!

So... sign up and starting with the March 1st newsletter you'll get a delicious muffin recipe in your inbox!

March 1st also happens to be the day my book blog tour begins, and check back here for info when it starts... I'm doing a giveaway, and will likely do some giveaways on Facebook as well!

So... check me out on social, sign up for my newsletter and watch for my blog tour here!

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