Friday, January 22, 2021

Cover Reveal for Double or Muffin!

 It's here, it's here!

I'm so excited to unveil the cover for Merry Muffin #7, Double or Muffin!

AND... you can put in your order NOW for the ebook and not only will it drop onto your device on release day, February 23rd, but also, you'll save a buck! The ebook will cost $4.99 on release day, but if you order it now it is just $3.99 USD! Prices are different in Canada and other countries, but you will still be saving the equivalent of 1 dollar US. 

I hope you all enjoy the book; I had so much fun writing it!

About Double or Muffin:

In the new Merry Muffin Mystery, baker Merry Wynter must solve a disturbing crime among opera singers before the culprit decides it’s curtains for her . . .

When a reality TV show for aspiring opera singers descends on Wynter Castle, Merry’s got her hands full catering to the endless demands of the distinguished judges and ambitious contestants. Then mysterious rumors about the cast and crew begin to surface, suggesting that some of their performances may be filled with false notes. When a dogged reporter with an eye for scandal who’s been covering the competition is attacked and left for dead, Merry’s determined to discover who orchestrated the heinous deed.

 Her long list of suspects is filled with eccentric personalities, including a promiscuous tenor known for making unwanted overtures, a pampered young prodigy and her meddlesome mother, and a quiet up-and-comer whose shadowy uncle may have ties to the underworld. As the musical contest and Merry’s investigation near their finale, she’ll have to act fast to keep a conniving contestant from plotting out her final act . . .

Pre-Order NOW!

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Stay tuned, all... I will be doing a blog tour for the book with a most excellent giveaway open to all in Canada and the US!! Watch here for details...

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Lady Anne and The Menacing Mystic - Audio!

 Hello, all... I'm so very pleased that my historical mystery series the Lady Anne Addison Mysteries are continuing. Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic came out in July, and the audio version has just come out now! 

It is voiced by the wonderful Danielle Cohen... so don't miss it!

...While in Bath preparing for her upcoming marriage to Lord Darkefell, Lady Anne learns of a profoundly accurate mystic working in town whose uncanny predictions have stunned the gullible and the skeptical alike. Certain there's a harmless rational explanation for the medium's supposed otherworldly abilities, Anne's tolerance turns to defiance when the seer's dark pronouncements begin having a decidedly harmful affect on her friends—and a troubled local vicar takes his own life.

Convinced that the woman is orchestrating a devious scheme, Anne begins to suspect that she's working in league with a shrewd newcomer who's attached himself to many of the town's wealthy widowers. As she navigates the swirling rumors of Bath society to confirm her suspicions and unmask the charlatans for what they are, she discovers that the treacherous conspirators are plotting to make her own future very dark—and very short-lived . . .

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Year I Rediscovered Short Stories


Hello, my dear readers and friends...

I'm over at Kings River Life today with a list of my Top Five Pandemic Summer Reads... some new books, and some old books that may surprise you!

It is... The Year I Rediscovered Short Stories!

Check it out on my author page at:

See you soon, my friends!

Warmest regards,

Victoria Hamilton

Sunday, July 14, 2019

NEW Facebook page...

Hello, my friends and readers...

I know I haven't been the best blogger by far... there is so much promo to do, so little time! LOL.

So I will be migrating all of my promo efforts to an author page on Facebook, where I seem to spend most of my time!

If you would like to keep up with new releases, contest notifications, giveaways and more, please like my new Victoria Hamilton Mystery Author page!

Thanks so much, my friends!