Monday, September 5, 2016

Labour Day... or Labor Day?

When I was a kid, being from a union family on Labour Day meant a parade downtown (once I was in it, on the UAW float!), a picnic and sometimes even a show in the park. And then... school the next day.

Ever since then, the day after Labour Day a kind of 'click' happens in my brain. I suspect many of us feel that way; it's a shift to a back-to-business mentality. Down to work. Fresh starts.

I'm fortunate enough to do what I love for a living, and look forward to many more words to come.

I'm asked often about the state of my cozy mystery series. So, to update...

Unfortunately, the Teapot Collector Mysteries are done. It was work for hire, so I have no option but to let Sophie Taylor and all her friends go, but let me assure you, Sophie and her beau will stay together, Nana and Laverne will let her take over more of Auntie Rose's Victorian Tea Room, and they will even be traveling a bit, maybe to Teapot Island in England.

My beloved Vintage Kitchen Mysteries is not being continued by Berkley either, HOWEVER, I have made the decision to keep writing them as long as sales support the work. They will be published - in ebook format only - by Beyond the Page, who already do a beautiful job of re-publishing my Regency Romances I wrote as Donna Lea Simpson. This will allow me more freedom in some ways. I am writing Book #6, Leave It To Cleaver right now, tho' I don't have a publication date yet. I am contemplating, however, a couple of connective short mysteries in Jaymie's world.

The very good news is, I still have one more book in my Merry Muffin Mystery series. After that, it will depend on whether sales grow for the series if Berkley will continue it or not. Right now I am writing Muffin To Fear; big changes happening for Merry, and more castle chaos, of course!

So... Happy Labour Day, my friends, however you spell it! And I look forward to the work year ahead.


  1. Happy Labor Day! I love your books!

  2. I just started White Colander Crime and I was trying to find out if book 6 was coming. I'm sad but hopeful I can continue to read more of Jaymie's adventures. I love vintage and have a lot of collectibles. I have heath issues now but I used to go downtown and wander through the antique shops. I'd say I needed my monthly fix. This series fit me to a T. I will be checking out your other series when I finish this book. Thank you for my many hours of enjoyment.

  3. Ms. Hamilton, this is a crock! I have loved reading your Vintage Kitchen series, as I, too, am a "Kitchen" collector. Berkley folks must be out of their minds! I love how you have mingled your stories of mystery and intrigue with that touch of romance for Jaymie and I long to ready more of her adventures and her love life with Jakob. I do hope they will re-consider and let you continue this series.