Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Muffin to Fear Release Day!!

Muffin to Fear is available!!

I just LOVE release day... it never fails to excite me, seeing how my latest 'baby' will be received by readers!

And speaking of readers... I've been saving this story to share with you all until now!

I love reader mail; it is always a pleasure to hear from readers, and makes the whole experience so much more special. One day a month or so ago I received this lovely letter from a reader who is also a member of one of the noblest professions... she's a teacher! I'd like to share the letter with you, as well as her photo!

This is Jennifer Wright Owen, and here is what she had to say:


Dear Victoria,

Your Merry Muffin Mysteries are such a delight. I love the characters, especially Merry. Like Merry, Shiloh would call me 'plush size'. I really have gotten more than wonderful reading out of your books. When you list a clothing brand that Merry dons, I immediately put my book down and Google the name. Thanks to you, I now own several items from Kiyonna, including a plum color maxi-dress I wore to officiate a wedding of two dear friends.

Thank you for your terrific characters and story lines. Thank you for feeding my mystery habit (started by my granddaughter when she bought me a Nancy Drew book, when I was eight years old).

Can't wait for the next Merry Muffin Mystery (aleady pre-ordered from Amazon).

Kind regards,
Jennifer Owen
(I've attached a picture of me in my Kiyonna dress)


No, thank YOU Jennifer, and all the readers who make what I do such an honor and privilege. And thank you to all of you readers who have reached out over the years to tell me what the books mean to you.

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