Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just in time for summer...

Welcome to
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Hello, all! My name is Victoria Hamilton, and I write mysteries.

For several years I have posted my blog tour itineraries, etcetera, on my Vintage Kitchen Mysteries blog, but in truth, that blog has been outdated for some time. Mostly because I have gone on, since then, to several other series!  This will be my new home from now on, so follow me please! I am keeping the other one online, and there is a link in the upper right hand corner if anyone wants to read old posts.

For the time being I am busy, busy, busy with writing Book #5 of my Merry Muffin Mysteries, working title Muffin To Fear.

I am also working on Book #6 of my Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, Leave It To Cleaver. Though Berkley has declined to publish any more of them, I am happy to tell you all that I have an agreement to publish future books with Beyond The Page Publishing. You should really check them out, if you are looking for quality fiction. You'll find everything to suit your taste: romance, thrillers, westerns, and lots and lots of cozy mysteries! I should know how great they are... they're also publishing all the Regency Romances I wrote as Donna Simpson/Donna Lea Simpson!

I am also working on a TOP SECRET project that I'm not telling anyone about just yet (actually, 2 top secret projects, but who's counting?) but more will be revealed at some point!

I think you all know that I am a regular blogger at Killer Characters. What a great bunch of Cozy Mystery Authors! Most exciting right now is the beginning, on Friday, July 15th, of our month-long Cozy Days of Summer giveaway spree, going all the way to August 14th!! An entire month of daily giveaways. Come back every day, and follow the instructions in the blog to enter to win!

August 1st is our regular New Releases day, so along with that, we're doing a super giveaway... packages of several cozy mysteries just for you!

And of course, on August 2nd, Much Ado About Muffin is being released, though you can pre-order now and help me keep the series alive!

So have a happy summer, sign up for my newsletter (upper right hand side of this page!) and don't forget to follow me here!

Victoria Hamilton


  1. Victoria thanks for writing these amazing series! My mom and I enjoy listening through Audible; me while commuting over two hours to/from work each day and my mom while she plays Bingo :)

    1. That is wonderful, Rachelle... thank you for 'reading'!