Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thrift Shop Finds!

One of my great enjoyments is to scour thrift shops for junk, er, rare finds and treasures. I buy everything from the extremely useful to the pretty but useless. I have scored vintage kitchenalia, utensils, teacups, clothes, purses, wooden shelves and too much more to even mention.

Yesterday was one of those trips, a visit to the Sally Ann, I there scored something VERRRY pretty.

This is a Wedgwood Ice Rose teacup:

Behold my new treasure, purchased for $2.99, and worth, according to Replacements dot com, $15.99. I always look up the worth of things, and I'm not sure why, because I don't CARE what it's worth, I just love it, the smooth feel of the china, the pretty design, the sheer loveliness.

Is it not pretty?? I was so impressed (tho' you can't see it in this light) with how translucent the china is...

So... do any of you thrift shop haunt? And what are your most prized finds? Tell me, do!

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  1. got a similar thing ;) though I do not go to the thrift stores on that purpose, but if and when I'm there - I always check the china section ;)
    love your set!!!! :D